DRX - Drilling reporting and targeting

That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially

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DRX is a delineation and infill drill hole layout planning service. It uses optimization algorithms capable of calculating and creating multiple drill hole layout plans based on geologist defined constraints and targets. Access to the DRX algorithm is provided as a service to the mining and exploration industry.

DRX provides a means of controlling drilling costs and systematically decreasing resource conversion times for late stage exploration and delineation drilling programs.

DRX improves the current drill hole planning best practice by:

  • shifting the geologists' focus from mechanical execution to interpretation and the determination of constraints, priorities, goals and value generators
  • machine generating a number of viable solutions based on above constraints/priorities,
  • reporting on value of drill plans using clearly defined metrics,
  • focusing on the value generation of the drill hole campaign vs. incremental single hole planning,

At Objectivity, we fundamentally believe that there is currently no substitution for expert human development of geological knowledge.

We also believe that there are tasks that computers can perform significant better than humans. One of these tasks being the determination of how multiple trade offs affect the planning of complex drill hole campaigns as conditions and priorities change.

DRX allows geologists to spend more time working on the detailed analysis of data and interpretation of the geology within the volume being drilled.

The main focus is to determine a minimal drilling requirement while meeting project goals. Graphical reporting tools and advanced visualization technologies allow planners to rapidly model and simulate scenarios providing effective analytics and decision support capability. The results are designed to be easily interpreted by any level of staff, with little technical knowledge necessary.

DRX minimizes the requirement for geologists to individually lay out exploration holes. Instead geologists focus on defining what volumes must be drilled, setting the appropriate constraints, determining the appropriate coverage and providing the budgets. DRX's algorithms provide a number of possible drilling plans that ALL meet the constraints. The exploration and production personnel focus on selecting the plan that best meets the current financial, operational and strategic objectives.

DRX's service provides updated drilling plans as things change during the delineation process with an unprecedented degree of rigour.

While DRX can match a geologist’s manually created plan by creating plans aligning to the strategic requirement, following geological, physical and budgetary constraints, it also provides quantifiable value not available to the industry.

DRX enhances the drill planning process by providing clearly quantifiable metrics allowing geology and engineering teams to quantify trade-offs in budget,drilling locations and timing.